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Goldkey Media

Gold Key Media specialises in audience engagement and sampling programmes across the UK, Europe, USA, and the Middle East. Their heritage is publisher based, and they work with the biggest names in the newspaper and magazine industry. They represent over 300 international publishers, sampling and selling over 60 million newspaper and magazine copies per annum and helping them to improve their revenue streams.

The Right Balance

Every hotel is different, and therefore 'one size fits all' sales training no longer works. The Right Balance workshops and tools are designed for your hotel, your goals, your guests, and the world you live in. When they first meet you, they like to find out more about your products and pricing, your team and your existing upsell program. Usually they ask a lot of questions and let you do most of the talking, so that they can prepare a tailored proposal and partnership model for you.

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A seamless extension of your in house team, Hotelfone works in partnership with independent hospitality businesses, capturing  bedroom bookings, spa appointments and restaurant reservations that may otherwise be lost; employing a team of highly skilled hospitality and reservations specialists and using the very latest in communication technology, we work with our partners to secure more bookings, increase guest satisfaction and enhance business performance.

Impact London

Established in 2001, Impact specialises in bespoke communication training to a wide variety of clients in the hospitality sector, delivering an extensive range of bespoke training courses to the biggest names in the industry in London, Paris and across the rest of Europe.


HotelPartner Revenue Management

HotelPartner is a well-established provider for revenue management and distribution services in the hospitality industry. Founded in 2006, their goal is to ensure sustainable growth for their partners by optimizing profitability and ensuring a successful future. They achieve this through maximising rooms-revenue and reducing costs with their unique TET-Synergy of highly qualified teams, proven expertise, and the use of leading technology.

Agemer Recruitment

A passion for people inspired the creation of Agemer. Thinking outside the box. They have created a small, agile and specialised team with people at its heart. They source the very best talent to help their clients to grow their businesses. Agemer carefully manages the sourcing and integration of their candidates so that they can flourish, grow and help each and every one of them if they encounter any bumps in the road.


Bicester Village

Bicester Village, sitting in the Oxfordshire countryside, first opened its doors in 1995. Since then, this pedestrianised, open-air setting has grown to include more than 150 boutiques lining the Village’s beautifully landscaped streets.


Boutiques from British and international luxury brands – offering year-round savings on the recommended retail price – sit alongside restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy all-day dining and on-the-go culinary treats.

We are proud to present our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors, it is possible for us to host our networking events.

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